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Learning how to be mindful in a busy world can have great benefits for your wellbeing. There are courses available to help you with your practice thus enabling you to take it with you into your daily life.

Starting Monday 6th March weekly 18:30-20:00 for 6 weeks £5.00 per person per session for any 13-16 year olds. Booking is essential as spaces are limited. A place for building confidence, building relationships, self esteem, friendships, reducing lonliness, isolation; to check in with each other and suppport each other. Somewhere to learn self care techniques and mindfullness. 

Meet and Greet

Yoga classes

Yoga with Audrey Blow on a Monday evening at 7pm-8.30pm.


Seated yoga with Audrey Blow on a Thursday at 11am-12.30pm.


Yoga with Genine Meek is on a Wednesday at 10am-11.30am.


Please contact the instructor for cost.

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