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Our Complimentary Therapists

Audrey Blow 2020.jpg

British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher

An experienced British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher who offers weekly yoga classes and one to one tuition to adults of all ages and abilities.


Chartered Physiotherapist

I bring a unique perspective to assessment and treatment, looking at the client holistically and bringing my knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, acupuncture, Reiki and mindfulness into the individual treatment plan.

Kerry-Difelice 1.png

Complementary Therapist

I offer a range of Complementary Therapies including  clinical reflexology, holistic massage and aromatherapy.

Emma Dando.jpeg

Holistic Therapist, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master Teacher & Acupuncturis

Holistic therapist trained in a variety of therapies that work with your body’s natural energy field

Genine 1.png

Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing teacher

I’ve been teaching T.M.W. for 4 years.  I feel more and more at home the deeper I take this journey into the sequence and into self


Wellbeing consultant for children and young people

My "Happy Kids" sessions for children aged 3-7 years offer a unique experience enabling them to get in touch with their feelings and learn about themselves in a gentle but powerful way.

Emma Time_edited.jpg

Complementary Therapist

Qualified yoga and Hypnobirthing practitioner

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