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Genine Meek

Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing teacher

I’ve been teaching T.M.W. for 4 years. I feel more and more at home the deeper I take this journey into the sequence and into self. The sequence is such a gift, to be able to come back to at any time.

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What is Tai chi movement for wellbeing?

These movements come from the tradition of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, which themselves come from the Chinese culture of interest in health and wellbeing.

These exquisite gestures help increase your body/mind coordination, your circulation and flexibility and improve your balance, your sense of self and feeling of being well.

The sequence can be done sat down as well as standing and the more you do the sequence every day the greater the self-understanding and rewards.



  • TMW Teacher

  • MA Fine Art

  • PGCE post ed

  • BWY Teacher student

  • Level 3 personal trainer

  • Level 3 mat based Pilates teacher

  • Reiki Master


Since qualifying with Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing in 2016, I have studied further in becoming a yoga teacher student with the British wheel of Yoga, I am a student teacher of Audrey Blow and have been her student for over 11 years.

I work at a Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer at Newbridge Leisure Centre and have been working at the centre for 23 years. Doing various teaching jobs over the years like swimming teacher, Pilates teacher, Aqua aerobics instructor and more recently TMW.

I studied in fine Art prior to working in the fitness industry. I am a Reiki Master and all the pieces of my life come together giving me skills to work innovatively daily.



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